Welcome to our site!!! Buck & Company was originally formed in 2002 and is based in the Parkersburg, WV area.  The Band's repertoire focuses on traditionally based bluegrass and bluegrass gospel music while including original compositions by Buck McCumbers and Connie Hardman. The band has performed at SPBGMA, the Wheeling Jamboree, Jerusalem Ridge and Denton Farm Park festivals as well as other bluegrass venues in Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia. The band at present has recorded four CD’s. Individually members of the band have performed with Red Allen, John Hartford, Mac Wiseman, Hylo Brown, Melvin Goins, Lillie Mae & the Dixie Gospelaires, Frank Necessary & the Stone Mountain Boys, and the Grey Eagle Band. Buck and Dwayne were past members of the Wheeling Jamboree as well.  Each member has also helped other bands on numerous bluegrass and gospel recordings. Despite recent member changes, the band’s aspirations remain the same: deliver high quality bluegrass music, meet new people and make new friends at the region’s best bluegrass venues. Buck & Company gives God all the praise to have the opportunity to perform to the finest people in the world...BLUEGRASS MUSIC FANS!!


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